We Provide Special Care to Each Single Date, We Have a Special Relationship With Each Tree. Bringing to your Table a Truly Remarkable Product. Tailored Packaging Solutions. A Promise of Quality and Reliability. Jericho, The City of Palm Trees. State-of-the-Art Farm Management System. Medjool Date Palms, The King of Palm Trees.

We want our dates to celebrate an Arabian lifestyle's warmth and sense of hospitality.

We work to embody the glorious past and the generosity of the Arab world into the finest Medjool dates you would ever taste.

Kings Dates

Kings' Dates

Lovely soft fruit, with a warm golden red color similar to that of the sun. The thick flesh and the extra ordinary size reveals a juicy core and a naturally rich taste. When you eat it, your buds will welcome a majestic flavor and a natural caramel essence. Kings dates is a healthy, perfectly oval nibble. Read more..